Frequent Questions

Q: Are Dr. Temt products unisex?

A: YES! Dr. Temt products can be used by both women & men

Q: How long can an open Dr. Temt ampoule be stored for?

A: The content of each vial should be used in one single use. Glass ampoules are airtight containers, filled with the highest quality of key ingredients, producing a very concentrated form of treatment. A higher concentration of products with little or no use of preservatives is possible due to the airtight packaging. Free of oxygen, it eliminates oxygenation, contamination, and pollutant.

Q: How to open a Dr. Temt ampoule?

A: A white ring can be found in the neck of the ampoule, which is the breaking point. Make sure you’re holding the ampoule upright, if there is liquid above the neck gently tap with your finger to get all the liquid to the bottom part of the ampoule. Hold the ampoule with both hands, hold the bottom of the ampoule firmly. Next protect your hands from broken glass by using a tissue, gauze, or towel when opening the ampoule, place this around the neck of the ampoule with one thumb against it, away from you, and with light, even pressure snap it open. The ampoule is ready to be used.

Q: What does the symbol of an open jar with a number and an M mean in a Dr. Temt skincare product?

A: This means it’s safe to use the product for that many months (for example 12 M) after it has been open the first time, it’s good for 12 Months if properly stored.

Q: Is the new Resolution Sensitive line a different formulation, than the Resolution Complex line?

A: Yes, the Resolution Complex products are no longer available because the formulation has been upgraded. It is not only Paraben-free but also different ingredients are used. Dr. Temt Laboratories is always searching for the newest innovative ingredients, which are used in high dosage.

Q: Are the Hydrophilic Oil with Azulene and the Hydrophilic Oil with Azulene – Make Up Remover the same product?

A: Yes. The 5 FL.Oz. bottle size of the Hydrophilic Oil with Azulene is a special size which is available only in the USA and “Make Up Remover” was added.