Handmade in Vienna – Dr. Temt formulas help supporting the skin with highly concentrated key ingredients. A combination of modern ingredients with traditional Viennese emulsions is the secret to Dr. Temt skin care products.

Whether it’s an anti-aging serum, an anti-aging cream or ampoules for mature skin – Dr. Temt key ingredients such as Matrixyl 3000 helps to a more defined appearance of the face contour.Hyaluronic Acid assists in supplying the skin with moisture and Vitamin C helps providing soothing benefits for a firmer, healthier appearance of the skin. Impure prone skin is helped with Salicylic Acid and the key ingredient PoreAway. Dr. Temt skincare collection Elience Age Defense contains the key ingredient SynAke. SynAke is a synthetic snake venom, it acts like a muscle relaxant, only that it is not injected! SynAke helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines. A.H.A. peelings help to even out skin tone, for a more glowing look of the skin. Highly effective and yet uncomplicated skin care regime that hydrates, protects, and regenerates the skin!

Dr. Temt offers hand-made, high performance products with similar ingredients, but in higher concentration compared to other luxury brands. Hollywood’s finest made in Vienna – skincare for the conscious woman and man! Products are available in leading clinics, spas and cosmetic enhancement worldwide.

Collagen Management

Collagen Management Contour Lift targets skin needs and works where skin needs it the most for a firmer looking facial contour.

All Skin Types


A cocktail of powerful ingredients, including plant stem cells, helps to prevent premature aging due to HEV-Light.

All Skin Types (Contains Plant Stem Cells)

Anti Aging Advanced

A  high performance skincare regime to regenerate the skin for a more radiant look.

All Skin Types (Anti aging properties)

Aloe Vera

A high standard formula that moisturizes and soothes the skin.

All Skin Types, specially Sensitive & Dry


A special formulation for a powerful and gentle calming effect.

Sensitive Delicate and Dry Skin


A combination of ingredients, including plant Collagen help to promote suppleness.

All Skin Types

Gelee Royal

The power of Royal Jelly has refreshing and vitalizing properties.

Normal & Dry Skin


Glycolic Acid is one of the most popular natural exfoliators that assists improving skin’s texture.

Normal, Oily, & Combination Skin


This skincare regime, enriched with plant extracts helps the skin achieve a radiant glow.

Oily & Combination Skin

Hydro Complex

A powerful hydrating skincare collection for a long-lasting moisturizing effect.

All Skin Types (Contains Hyaluronic Acid & it’s Paraben free)

Purity Clear

A skincare collection for oily, impure skin.

Oily, Combination Skin.

Resolution Sensitive

A gentle skincare collection for sensitive skin.

Sensitive Skin


Superior skincare collection that provides the skin with silk protein and moisture.

Dry & Sensitive Skin Type


 Cleansing Milks, Gel Cleansers, Hydrophilic Oil and Bar Soaps for all skin types.


Toners prepare the skin for absorption of subsequent products.


Lightweight products with a high concentration of powerful ingredients.

Eye & Lip Care

Eye Care ranges from eye gel to balm and creams.


Each ampoule contains a highly concentrated formulation.

Creams Light

Dr. Temt has designed a variety of light textured creams.

Creams Rich

Dr. Temt Laboratories developed a variety of rich textured creams.


Dr.Temt Laboratories offers a variety of exfoliators.

Hand, Body & Foot Care

Hand, Body & Foot care is as important as facial care.


Dr.Temt Laboratories offers a variety of masks for all skin types.

Collection Sets

DR. TEMT Skin Care Sets, check them out!

Bring Your Spa At Home

Bring Your Spa to Your Home

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Most liked by Gentlemen

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